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A Plastic Surgeon's Dream EHR

Bring superior PM/EHR performance with endless upsides and rewards to your practice, and NEVER any ...

With “Stage 4 MD” your practice will run better so Your staff will be happy,
you’ll be happier as a physician and your patients will Be delighted too…

**Subscriptions are month-to-month with NO long-term contract and NO annual fees...

AND... 'Stage 4 MD' comes with our ridiculously responsive support team.

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Three Easy Steps Guaranteed To Enrich Your Practice

1. Catch A Virtual Demo

Meet a member of our top-notch, friendly and ridiculously responsive support team who will walk-through 'Stage 4 MD' with you online and answer all of your questions...

2. Free Implementation

We are so sure you’ll be 100% satisfied, we will fully transition you including data migration and implementation (a $5,000 plus value) which puts "Stage 4 MD" into operation for you - for free.

3. Begin Reaping Rewards

It's a doctor's dream to have a fine-tuned practice with costs and labor-savings too. "Stage 4 MD's" support team will deliver that outcome to you.
100% Guaranteed

Robert Pollack, MD, FACS

Robert Pollack, MD, FACS

I know the pain. Back in the day I was feeling exasperated too…

When I was in my plastic surgery residency, I wanted to make sure my vision of having a smooth-running, well-organized, labor and costs-saving practice was able to come to life.

At the time, I wasn't convinced the available EHR/EMR’s could deliver what I needed to accomplish that.

So I developed my own practice management system and used that program for the first 15 years of my private practice. 

Then in 2013, I co-founded one of the first EHR software companies to offer a true-cloud, plastic surgery specific practice management program.

That company was acquired a few years later by the industry’s largest plastic surgery EHR software provider.

Back then I did those things mostly for my own practice, which I still have.

This time around, I’m offering the updated and most effective 2020 version EHR combined with the greatest support there is to you and your practice too.

We call it Stage 4 MD and it has been designed and built to deliver the functions we doctors want and to eliminate unexpected “gotchas” some companies bring that aren't appreciated at all.

I'm on your side. If you feel like you're being taken for a ride by your current PM/EHR company, give Stage 4 MD a good look.

We'll help get you, your staff and your patients to a better place. Guaranteed.

I created the "Stage 4 MD" PM/EHR and company for me, and for you too... Catch a demo and see it for yourself.

Highest regards,
Robert Pollack, MD, FACS

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